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What is Swarm City?

Swarm City is a community developing a decentralized app (DApp) that allows any peer-to-peer (P2P) service exchange, meaning no middleman, no central servers, and no unnecessary restrictions.

The first service to be developed is a #needaride service, aka ridesharing, available in the Boardwalk release. The next service will most likely be #SwarmBnb, aka airbnb, and many other hashtags will follow.

We make the sharing-economy become true!





We are on the leading edge of a new technological era, an era that is disrupting the economics of human interactions in regards to trade of services. Swarm City is developing a truly Decentralized App (DApp), enabled by the SWT, running on the Ethereum blockchain to interconnect world industries and enable open peer to peer exchanges.

It is our mission to provide an open marketplace of services, currency tokens, and encrypted communication tools to offer direct access between buyers and sellers worldwide and in your community.

How it works

Users can interact on a private and secure messaging channel (similar to twitter but with sophisticated features), exchange Swarm City Tokens (SWT), a cryptocurrency minted to exchange between users, and browse other Ethereum apps offered on the platform.

Once a service offered in a so called hashtag gets a critical mass, there will be a full-featured and dedicated frontend developed for it, so that the best user experience can be offered.

Swarm City also has a built in reputation system which lets you know who you can trust. Every user and app builds reputation over time as they transact with others on the platform.

If you want to have a deeper look -read the roadmap.

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